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Start Here...

Step 1: Go through the Unlicensed Agent Checklist

Step 2: Go through the Licensed Agent Checklist

Step 3: Go to the Agent Hub

Step 4: Go through the New Agent Boot Camp

Step 5: Review and print the Required Documents

Step 6: Review and bookmark the Underwriting Guides

Step 7: Review and bookmark the Quote Tools

Step 8: Review the Promotion Guidelines

Step 9: Review the Lead Strategy

carrier phone numberS

Americo: 800-231-0801
Mutual of Omaha: 800-867-6873
TransAmerica: 877-234-4848
AIG/ American General: 800-677-3311
Global Atlantic: 855-887-4487
Athene: 888‑266‑8489
CFG: 800-423-9765
Foresters: 866-466-7166
John Hancock: 877-606-7779
American Amicable: 800-736-7311
Aetna: 866-272-6630
Prosperity: 855-321-2755
Home Page Carrier Phone #'s

Get connected

Join Slack for all important communication and updates! In Slack, you are required to post your weekly and weekend numbers! Please get with your manager for your specific link.

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