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Start Here...

Step 1: Go through the Unlicensed Agent Checklist

Step 2: Go through the Licensed Agent Checklist

Step 3: Go to the Agent Hub

Step 4: Go through the New Agent Boot Camp

Step 5: Review and print the Required Documents

Step 6: Review and bookmark the Underwriting Guides

Step 7: Review and bookmark the Quote Tools

Step 8: Review the Promotion Guidelines

Step 9: Review the Lead Strategy

carrier phone numberS

Americo: 800-231-0801
Mutual of Omaha: 800-867-6873
TransAmerica: 877-234-4848
AIG/ American General: 800-677-3311
Global Atlantic: 855-887-4487
Athene: 888‑266‑8489
CFG: 800-423-9765
Foresters: 866-466-7166
John Hancock: 877-606-7779
American Amicable: 800-736-7311
Aetna: 866-272-6630
Prosperity: 855-321-2755

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